Problem Solving and Coordination Makes Us a Great Partner

The work scope Precision Environmental offers clients often requires substantial discussion and trust to develop a price and performance standard. Oftentimes, work is done without drawings and technical specifications. We have developed a reputation for not only fair dealings, but for the ability to partner with an owner or consultant to develop solutions to unique problems. Even when drawings and specifications are available, the hidden elements and unforeseen challenges require a contractor perspective to work with others to determine the best, most efficient solution. Precision understands our role in every project. We understand the laws and regulations that effect work practices, and we understand the construction process. Many jobs require "give and take" between various trades.

After a consensus is reached to undertake a task, Precision's vast resources are availed to complete the job to the benefit of the customer. And as our core values demand, we always do what we say we will.

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"I appreciate the good work your crew did while I was monitoring the project. Over the course of many years I have worked with numerous contractors and want you to know Precision crew was a pleasure to work with. I also appreciated the manner in which they conducted themselves while around other contractors and especially the General Contractor and Ford representatives. Your crew adjusted to numerous changes professionally and courteously to all involved. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to work with them again."

Mark Pierson
Lab Manager
Allied regarding Ford Motor Co.,
Lima, Ohio
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