A History of Excellence in Heavy Construction

When the late Sam DiGeronimo came to the United States in 1928 from Abruzzi, Italy, little did he realize the impact his life's work would have on the City of Cleveland. In 1940, Sam became a small general contractor specializing in new residential construction and small commerical renovations. Sam and his son Don started Independence Excavating in 1956 with a backhoe, bulldozer, truck and only a few employees. They quickly grew to become a leader in the residential and small commercial excavation field. In 1971, Don lost his battle with cancer and the responsibility for running the business was assumed by Don's brothers: Victor, Richard (Deceased 2009), Bob, and Tony.

Today Independence Excavating has become a large diversified construction company that employs over 400 people at peak operation and owns and operates over 200 major pieces of construction equipment.

In 1987, the DiGeronimo family formed Precision Environmental Company under the leadership and direction of Tony DiGeronimo, President, Tom Zuchowski, General Manager and John Savage, Jr., Vice President.

The construction industry in the Northern Ohio area was in need of an asbestos abatement service company that understood the industry mentality, and could provide environmental solutions with various knowledgeable tradesman. Since that time, Precision has worked at most major renovation projects, and for almost every educational and medical facility in the Cleveland area, as well as many industrial facilities.

Building off our success and ability of our talented workforce, we have extended our services to work throughout Ohio and surrounding states in all types of facilities. We have expanded our scope of services to fulfill the needs of our customers and best utilize the skills and resources of our workforce.

The DiGeronimo family started several other service companies under the DiGeronimo Company umbrella that include Flex-Tech ResourcesIndependence Recycling of Florida , and Indy Equipment & Supply . While all these services compliment each other and provide us tremendous resources, more importantly, all these companies embrace the core values that Sam DiGeronimo passed along to his sons. These values are a part of the present, and will always be the culture passed on to future generations.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Safety

"We are gratified that so many of our customers served in our early days are still customers today. And according to several industry leaders in the area, our company is recognized as the 'go to guys'."

Tony DiGeronimo
Precision Environmental
Victor DiGeronimo, Rich DiGeronimo and Bob DiGeronimo on the job in the 1970’s
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