The Standards Upon Which Precision is Built


I am the one person most responsible for my safety and the safety of my coworkers.

We benefit professionally and personally by committing to an attitude of health and safety awareness.


I will never compromise my integrity or jeopardize the reputation of the company - our handshake is our word.

Quality Workmanship

We demand that every job is done right – every time, from beginning to end

I will have a positive mental attitude to accomplish the job.


I will respect and treat customers and fellow employees like family; valuing each individual's ideas and contributions.

I will contribute my ideas and energies in order to continually make our company better

Commitment & Loyalty

I will perform my job in a manner that continues to enhance the traditions and reputation of all DiGeronimo Companies.

I will work above and beyond to meet the needs of the customer, dedicated to keeping the relationship for life.

I will be part of a team; contributing and celebrating in our team's successes.


I will continually improve my individual performance and the quality of our work.

"We are gratified that so many of our customers served in our early days are still customers today. And according to several industry leaders in the area, our company is recognized as the 'go to guys'."

Tony DiGeronimo
Precision Environmental
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