Planning on Experience and Technology

New challenges are always welcome at our company. Sometimes they come as a result of a planned bid activity, sometimes they come through a frantic phone call, and sometimes they are revealed during a job after discovering an unknown or hidden condition. However the challenge is presented, the same experienced personnel are involved with the availability of full company resources as required.

Since 1987, Precision has completed thousands of various jobs. Through these jobs and experiences, we have acquired and developed state-of-the-art techniques. We have acquired the best equipment and found the best waste streams for the environment. We understand the importance of communication and planning. We have equipped our employees with various technology to allow them to work efficiently.

All these benefits allow us to provide the very best service possible to our clients.

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"Everyone from your firm that we encountered during the procedures we performed presented a professional and cooperative attitude. It was a pleasure working with everyone from Precision Environmental. We welcome any opportunity to work with your company on future projects."

Michael A. Belpulsi
CNB Flooring Systems, Inc
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