Operations Under One Roof

In 2005 we relocated our operation to a 100,000 square foot facility in Independence, Ohio — the center of Cuyahoga County 7 miles south of Cleveland. We operate our service center with a staff of over 50 people to support our field operation. In addition, we warehouse over 40,000 square feet of small tools and consumable materials that are deployed to our job on a 24-hour basis as required. In-house, we maintain over 120 licensed vehicles, 60 pieces of construction equipment and a multitude of specialized abatement and demolition tools. In total, our support facility provides over $5 million dollars of efficient resources to our customer projects on a yearly basis

Equipped for Success

We bring an unlimited cache of resources to the challenging projects we encounter and it sets us apart from the competition. By aggressively managing the quality and utilization of our resources, we are able to tackle the large-scale, specialized, technical, emergency, and small projects that other companies can't.

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"I have found Precision Environmental to be a very efficient, safety conscious company with highly effective communication skills at all levels of staff. This experience made for a smooth and productive work environment on our project."

Roger Ballinger
Construction Manager
Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
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