University Hospital Bishop O.R. Suites

Precision Environmental Co. was selected by University Hospital and Donley’s Inc. building contractor to provide asbestos abatement and selective demolition service for the renovation of 21,000 square feet Bishop Operating Suites.

Placing the entire space under negative air pressure, and performing the work in compliance with U.H. infectious control guidelines and regulations, Precision’s work force began the selective demolition of ceilings, walls, casework and M.E.P. systems. Approximately 1,100 cubic yards of material were removed via elevators to dumpsters located outside the building. One of the main challenges of the job was to remove a substantial amount of non conductive, epoxy flooring located throughout the old operating rooms.

Immediately following selective demolition, Precision began removing asbestos fireproofing and thermal system insulation from the structural elements exposed by the demolition. Workers scraped and detailed the entire work area in a 15 day period without incident while working between two occupied floors and removing all the generated debris through the hospital.

The 18 month renovation was near completion when it was discovered that the lightweight floor topping that had been placed was inadequate and failing. Precision was called back to remove the newly installed vinyl sheet flooring and cementitious topping. Work was performed around the clock to remove the 21,000 square feet of materials.

In addition to the need to remove and replace the floor in a timely manner, the architectural finishes which were 95% complete, needed to be protected. Vinyl baseboards were removed carefully for re-installation, wall finishes were protected with polyethylene sheeting attached without residual damage. The work area was again put under negative air pressure to mitigate dust caused by the removal, and to keep the adjacent areas clean. This is not a normal practice for demolition activities. However, our experience as an asbestos abatement contractor allows us to easily accommodate the owner’s request.

24 workers were rotated to complete the various tasks without incident in 20 shifts over an eight day period to meet the opening day schedule.


University Hospital


$500,000 – $1,000,000


Cleveland, Ohio


Renovation of 21,000 square feet hospital operating room spaces

Services Performed:

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