Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center

Merchandise Mart Properties Inc. selected the city of Cleveland to build the world's only facility targeted specifically to the medical and healthcare industries. The Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center project involves work on the city's existing Convention Center and adjacent properties in the heart of downtown, in Cuyahoga County.

Precision Environmental Company was hired to complete the large-scale project involving asbestos abatement on the following buildings: Cleveland Convention Center, Ontario Street Parking Garage, Chicago Title, Cuyahoga County Annex, L&R Office Building and Sportsman's Restaurant. They also contracted Precision to perform selective demolition work on the Cleveland Public Auditorium Connector.

Starting Jan. 3, 2011, Precision hit the ground running, working simultaneously in each structure. This was necessitated by the fast-track schedule, a looming completion date just three short months away, and the amount of work needed to be accomplished with Precision's labor force exceeding 110 abatement professionals.

Precision laborers worked side-by-side with Independence Excavating's demolition and civil team and equipment resources to accomplish the high-intensity tasks on a tight schedule. The project milestones were completed and approved upon to expedite the project needs.

In total, Precision removed and disposed of more than 6,500 cubic yards of asbestos containing material, including:

• 152,641 square feet of ceiling plaster

• 85,073 square feet of drywall systems

• 76,330 square feet of wall plaster

• 37,475 square feet of asbestos containing fireproofing

• 37,165 square feet of HVAC duct insulation

• 35,225 linear feet and 3,854 elbows/fittings of piping insulation

• A number of additional materials, such as HVAC transite wall panels, fire door cores, ceiling panels, tank insulation, sink bottom coating, window glazing and HVAC vibration damper

As a subcontractor to Independence Excavating, Precision performed intricate building separation of the Convention Center from the Public Auditorium structure. Throughout structural demolition to the Convention Center, Precision ProCut provided concrete sawing and drilling services to support Independence Demolition operations.

ProCut used a wall saw to cut 380 feet of the Mall C roof perimeter, centered in the middle of the construction. They used a slab saw to cut 24 inches into Mall C and Mall B concrete, the west side of the building and through the Public Auditorium Connector before it was separated. ProCut also core drilled into the concrete, forming the deep holes that will hold the concrete pillars to support the buildings. To avoid vibrations in an operating road, ProCut wire sawed the structural beams supporting Lakeside Avenue at a 45 degree angle, enabling the platform to remain freestanding among the construction.

Precision is proud to be part of the initial construction of a future monumental building for the city of Cleveland and healthcare industry.

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