First Energy Decommissions Plants

Precision and Independence Excavating once again have teamed with CJ Betters Enterprises to perform asbestos abatement, environmental remediation, and demolition of two decommissioned power generating plants for First Energy. The plants are Mad River Power Plant, in Springfield, Ohio, and Edgewater Power Plant, located in Lorain, Ohio.

Precision's major scope of work on both projects include the total removal of asbestos containing boiler, turbine, piping, duct, air heaters and other mechanical systems insulation along with transite from coal conveyors and cables trays along with recovery and disposal of all residual oils and wastes. In Springfield, one additional major challenge is the abatement of asbestos containing coating from a 270' high concrete stack. Each plant requires massive infrastructure established to supply temporary power for equipment and work lighting, water usage and filtration systems, and crew decontamination centers.

The Mad River Power Plant went into operation in 1927, consisting of 6 boilers and produced a capacity of 19,500 kilowatts. Additions and improvements over the years increased the capacity to 65,500 kilowatts. Edgewater went into service 1922 thru 2002 and produced 113.6 kilowatts.

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