Message from our President

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you were as impressed with a sampling of our accomplishments as we were proud to achieve them. Through our work, we sincerely do strive to make our world a better environment in which to work, to live and to learn.

The DiGeronimo family reputation, built over 70 years in the construction industry, is extremely important to us. We are very proud that our Precision Environmental extended family has furthered our reputation for honesty, integrity, fair dealings and outstanding performance. Starting with Tom Zuchowski, our General Manager; John Savage, Jr., George Pappas, Jim Bower, Bill Tierney, Dave Del Regno, Brian Zuchowski, Mike Zuchowski, Joe DiGeronimo, Geoff Russell, and Emory Wolf, our Project Management Team; Marc Garland, our Safety and Compliance Officer; our highly accomplished field supervisors and quality field performance personnel too numerous to list; and clerical and warehouse/mechanical support staff second to none, our team is committed to work hard to service and satisfy our clients' needs.

Our clients can tell you better than I can about how Precision found creative ways to solve the unique challenges of their projects-and about how our staff overcame time constraints, physical building constraints or people constraints to become part of the solution and not the problem.

Talk is cheap, and websites are made to impress. And still, I can't find the words or pictures to truly demonstrate the unique work ethic, creativity and passion our employees bring to their projects. I must simply invite you to challenge the Precision team to perform even better than our website can show. Contact us next time you have a project that requires environmental or demolition expertise, even if an emergency. We would be very pleased to add your project to our growing list of accomplishments. We can make your world a better place, too.

Tony DiGeronimo

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