Modernizing Senior Housing at Portage Trail Village

Portage Trail Village, the 13-floor apartment building in Cuyahoga Falls for senior citizen affordable housing, required renovation to modernize the aging structure. The building owner, National Church Residences (NCR), an Ohio-based, non-for-profit leader in senior HUD housing, hired general contractor Snavely Construction for the project.

Precision Environmental is the subcontractor to perform the two-part project, involving asbestos abatement and selective demolition on the interior of the first six floors.

Precision has recently completed the first phase, which required the skilled abatement and demolition team to remove asbestos and demolish the first three stories. Each floor holds 16 apartment units.

For the second phase of the project, Precision will scrape the popcorn ceiling of asbestos in the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of the building, then demolish the interior of those apartment units. Three out of the total 12 professionals on the job will accomplish the challenging task of removing the PTAC covers of the window air conditioners from the outside of the building, as well.

This job marks Precision's third project working with the owner NCR. We are privileged to have another opportunity to revive a local community housing building, and maintain the relationship with a company dedicated to improving quality living and health care for seniors.

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