Precision Contributes Services to Innerbelt Bridge Project

As an integral development for Northeast Ohio, and the largest Ohio Department of Transportation project to date, Precision Environmental has the opportunity to facilitate the construction of the westbound I-90 Innerbelt Bridge by providing asbestos abatement and selective demolition services over the next three years of construction.

ODOT is constructing the Innerbelt Bridge to improve safety, reduce congestion and traffic delays, and modernize interstate traveling along I-71, I-77 and I-90 into downtown Cleveland.

Precision Environmental is excavating environmental work prior to Independence Excavating's demolition of multiple buildings, existing ramps and bridges over the Cuyahoga Valley. The bridge Design/Build Team led by Walsh Construction, and HNTB, hired Independence Excavating for the project.

Precision's part of the project involves asbestos abatement within seven buildings, and five existing bridges and ramps before they are demolished. Precision also will remove and dispose of hazardous and regulated material prior to demolition of eight buildings, including: Cold Storage – Parcel #602, Gillota Fuels Building, East 93rd Street Bridge, 2394 Canal Road Building and 1996 W. 3rd Street White Properties.

Precision's scope also includes salvaging the historical markers within the work zone, and protecting the abutment walls from the original bridge to cross the valley, The Central Viaduct. Precision will be available for additional work, as the project may require other needs as construction continues.

Precision is extremely honored to have even a very small part in this historic project in our hometown and contribute to improving our local transportation.

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