Project Update: Cleveland Casino

The Horseshoe Cleveland Casino construction has been developing quickly with several crews working simultaneously in the Higbee Building downtown, including our Precision Environmental and ProCut specialized teams.

Precision has made tremendous progress in the recent months and proved our professionals are essential in providing a variety of services to complete the challenging jobs efficiently and safely. The casino job has demanded the majority of Precision's major services thus far, including asbestos abatement, selective demolition, floor remediation, concrete removal and replacement and structural removal.

Precision is able to provide all specialized services and techniques and adapt to the casino's needs to perform the interior cleaning and demolition. For instance, as Precision's demolition team worked alongside the contractors installing the wall structures for the poker room and executive offices on the third floor, they could not use conventional machinery to remove debris. Instead, our crews utilized the Power Buggy to fit into the tight spaces and limit the noise and exhaust to remove the materials, without disturbing the nearby operations.

To date, Precision has removed eight stairwells, 10 escalators and all the windows within the basement and first four floors of the Higbee Building. The demolition team has gutted the interior floors and mechanical elements to facilitate further construction of the walls and additional stairwells. Precision ProCut has cut several openings in the concrete to place the new stairwells and pour the new concrete to form the new platforms and interior structures.

Precision's work is laying the foundation for four floors of the Phase 1 Casino and an additional floor for storage. The casino layout plan includes the basement as the buffets and upscale dining floor, the first floor for slot machines and games, and the second and third floors for poker rooms and executive offices.

Precision has completed a majority of the asbestos abatement services within the first few months of construction, however, they are performing ongoing abatement services as needed when they encounter more materials that may hinder demolition. In total, we have had at most 40 Precision professionals working at the casino jobsite at one time since the project began in January 2011. Currently, there are two shifts and 20 Precision crew members performing the interior demolition and cutting services.

The demolition team is expected to continue working until December 2011, under the $1,044,000.00 contract for Whiting Turner. The Cleveland Casino is a true testament to Precision's unique capabilities to provide customized solutions and adjust to the projects' needs. We will continue to support the Higbee Building transformation in the upcoming months, and look forward to experiencing the results of Precision's hard work.

Great job to our project team for making it happen!

Selective demolition between floors of the Higbee Building preparing for Cleveland Casino construction.
Cleared fourth floor of the Higbee Building to be used as storage in the new Cleveland Casino.
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